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On 2011, at the beginning of the digital era, NetBee was founded. An age of digital transformation where we were challenged to apply the  "book" of digital transformation, first to ourselves before we pass it on to the private and public sector.

The Challenge



The challenge and the oportunity at the same time is the gap that existed between the trends of the age and the digital immaturity of the businesses and the public sector in Greece.

The forced digitalization of the state sector during covid acted as a catalyst and drove to the connection of that gap and to the forced digital maturity of the citizens / businessmen.

The solution


Now driven to the gap that our company came to cover in Greece, is the answer to the following question:


"What are the correct digital solutions for the way that my business run so it can be digitalized correctly?"


There isn't one recipe for everyone. Every recipe is different.


The main example is the digitalization of a procedure, for example in an OTA we didn't change the way they work but we digitalized the procedure by combining digital services and as a result, we cut down the processing time of their tasks!

The Vision



The personalized approach of digital transformation for any organism/business gave us a competitive advantage and a discrimination over other companies in the IT sector.

That way, by concentrating a twelve-year experience on the subject of computer science (on every section) we are worthily consultants behind the "how" and "what" of digital transformation of an organization/business

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