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Software as a Service

The Software as a Service (SaaS) is a CLOUD Service that hosts the software itself making it available to the final users, upon request, with charge by usage

Platform as a Service


The Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a CLOUD Service that offers a full environmental Development to the final user, upon request, with charge by usage.

Virtual APP

  • We can transfer any of your programms/software to the CLOUD
  • Acquire more clients without any change in your application!
  • Give the ability to your personel to have access to your programms from anywhere, even by their smartphone.
  • Even applies to the Adobe & Autodesk suite.
  • Amp up to max your personel's ability to work remotely
  • Acquire infinite possibilities by combining it with Microsoft 365 .

Windows 365

  • Microsoft's next level of Remote Work. 
  • We transfer a work possition as a whole on the CLOUD with all of it's infrastratcures, even Windows themselves!
  • Access through Browser from anywhere
  • Windows license, Desktop, Files, Programms, CPU, RAM, ALL in one price with either monthly or yearly charge and absolute security.
  • Remote Desktop, Teamviewer & Anydesk are not a solution for Remote Work.

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