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It means "all channels".

It is a holistic marketing approach that places the customer at the center of every marketing strategy, enabling them to interact with the business through multiple channels.

Omnichannel focuses on the customer experience rather than the products or services.

Marketing Platform


Stop sending just promotional messages. Create campaigns that will captivate your customers.

  • SMS, Voice Messages
  • Email Marketing with ready-made landing pages
  • Messaging Apps (Interactive messages on Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp)
  • Number Verification (accurately verify your customers' phone numbers)
  • Push Notifications (smart notifications directly to the customer's device)
  • Automation (communication flow, audience segmentation, live statistics)
  • Campaign management with ALL available communication channels

Marketing Platform


Waymore works both with Routee and independently (Standalone).

  • Create landing pages for your campaigns in one step!
  • Create forms, even with number verification for any use
  • Automatically create groups and customer cards in Routee & send data to your email
  • Manage campaigns with ALL available communication channels (SMS, Viber, Messenger, email, push notifications, etc.)
  • Create automations and chatbots

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