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Digital invoice and expense management


  • Digital invoice, time tracking & expense management on one platform.
  • Organize your economic and improve the productivity of your business.
  • Connection with certified electronic invoice provider, for tax marking and shipping to myDATA.
  • Release yourself from tax systems and specialized equipment
  • Monthly/Yearly Subscription

Online invoicing & receipts
Create online all of your documents (invoices, retail receipts & services, credit). No matter the country, the currency or your clients language. It supports everything!
    •  Send documents to myDATA
    •  Send digital invoices through email
    •  Online payments acceptance with credit / debit card
    •  Creation of repeatable invoices
    •  Automated reminders for delayed payments

Easy time recording & analysis 
With BeeNVOICE you will get a comprehensive picture of you work time. Track your work, analyze your costs and increase the productivity of your team.
    •  Automated time recording with a counter.
    •  Time recording on weekly timesheets
    •  Invoice work hours with just one click
    •  Analyze the work and the performance of your team.
    •  Cost analysis of projects

Expense Management

Track the expenses of your business with ease. Expenses, repeated expenses, bill payments - all in one platform. Connect your expenses with your projects for the optimal economic control of your business.

Online Payments
Receive payments easier and faster than ever! Start to receive payments with online cards, through VivaWallet, PayPal, Braintree etc, without any commission from BeeNVOICE

Easy registration of goods

Registrate all of the goods or the services you offer and reduce drastically the billing time. Track the stock of your warehouse and the way this covers for every product.

Clients secure area
Create a strong impression on your clients and impress them with client portal. Offers, online invoice payment, transactions history on a safe and easy to use environment.

Business Offers
Digitally send offers to your clients and as soon as they accept them, they will automatically receive the digital invoice to their email.

Accountant and Associates
Invite your accountant and your associates to BeeNVOICE! Decide on which data they will have access and save valuable time and management costs.

Fire extinguishing media management


  • Ideal for fire extinguishing media and personal protection supplying companies 
  • A Complete organizing and material managing system 
  • Flexible and customizable depending on the user's needs 
  • Constantly accessible through cloud
  • Monthly/yearly Subscription 

Lifting Machinery Management


  • Ideal for certification businesses of all types of lifting machinery
  • A complete organization system and certification file and periodic inspection management 
  • Flexible and customizable depending on the user's needs 
  • Monthly / Yearly Subscription

Occupational Hazards Study


  • Ideal for Safety Technicians and Organisms/businesses that need Occupational Hazards Study of any type (buildings etc)
  • Study calculation and export with just one move
  • Flexible and customizable depending on the user's needs 
  • Ability to connect with some of our other programmes for more data input for a study calculation
  • Monthly / Yearly Subscription



  • Ideal for any type of businesses
  • Flexible and customizable depending on the user's needs 
  • Monthly / Yearly Subscription

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